Albins Honda B Series Synchro Engagement Helical Gear Set
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Albins Honda B Series Synchro Engagement Helical Gear Set

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1st-4th gear ratios:
3.0 / 1.87 / 1.33 / 1.0 

** Special Order Item** (additional handling time required)

Albins gears are made from a proprietary grade steel billet that is then cut and heat treated to exacting standards then cross-checked via a robotic CMM machine that analyses any discrepancies brought about by heat treatment. This process is part of Albins ISO 9001/2000 quality assurance and can be done prior to the final anti-fatigue shot-peening process which is another point of difference we love about this product. Fatigue life can be extended on certain components by up to 8 times that of a non-treated component and when we are talking gears, this is a major plus with the Albins product and results in less pitting and wear. 

We have tested this set undergoing both street and track testing for over 6yrs. now in the 800-950whp range with zero failures, and has run low 9's in the 1/4 mile at 164+ mph during testing. These gears are a very exciting product for those who need extreme strength along with quiet, streetable operation for their extreme street/strip vehicle. 

Designed as a direct fitment 1-4 set (use stock 5th gear), into stock B series casings, these gears are helically cut and are designed to share the thrust loads more evenly through the B series gearbox casing unlike some straight cut gears. Another added benefit to the Albins design is REPLACEABLE 3rd/4th engagement cones/dog teeth that are usually built onto the gear. With Albins, even if you damage the dog teeth, you can replace this part without the added expense of having to purchase a whole new replacement gear!