E92 3.08 (07+ MT) LSD Differential Assembly
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E92 3.08 (07+ MT) LSD Differential Assembly

Price: $2,624.95
  • Item #: E92-215-308
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 Fitting: BMW E92 335i 2007-2013 (Manual Transmission) With Diff Sticker ID 7561227 or 7571186

(Available for Mainland USA only) 

Standard Rebuild: Prior to assembly with your New MFactory Helical LSD, Seals, Bolts and Shims, all parts are cleaned, inspected, and polished in a deburring machine with ceramic media.

- Preload, gear clearance and torque will all be inspected and adjusted for superior performance.
- Housings are media blasted to give a 'better than new' look.

**Master Rebuild Service with new bearings also available for an additional charge**

Core exchange Service:
Price includes a $500 core charge. This is refundable if the same model and gear ratio core is returned within 30 days.