GSR Turbo Pro Series 1-4 Gear Set
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GSR Turbo Pro Series 1-4 Gear Set

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  • Item #: SG-B14-GSR
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 Description: These gears are direct fitment for the 94-01 GSR. They are designed with a longer 1st for a better launch and 2-4 ratios that are perfect for a Turbo B series. The OEM GSR main shaft and 5th gears can be reused or the 5th gears can be replaced with a MFactory shaft brace. The 3rd and 4th gears are designed with a replaceable synchro gear cone. Even when you damage the engagement teeth from a mis-shift, you can replace this part without needing a whole new gear.

 Ratios: 3.07 1st, 1.90 2nd, 1.36 3rd, 1.03 4th

 Fitting:  1994-2001 Integra GSR