K Series Road Race Close Ratio Gear Set

Price: $1,799.95
  • Item #: INF-TRS-01K20B
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Description: We are proud to offer the most technologically advanced Close Ratio Gear Sets on the market today. Triple cone 1-2, dual cone 3-4, single cone 5-6 design.

Ratios: 2.313 1st, 1.650 2nd, 1.304 3rd, 1.080 4th, 0.958 5th & 0.851 6th Gears

Fitting: 2002-2006 Acura Integra / RSX / CTR ITR DC5 EP3 6 speed Manual Transmissions

Note: We highly recommend using with our Pro Series Carbon Synchros # SYN117

Suitable for: Street Cars, Road/Race (not for drag race use)

Power Rating: ~300whp

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects upon Receipt & Professional Installation