K20 Pro Series 1-4 Drag Gear Set

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  • Item #: MF-TRS-01K20
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Description:  These K-Series gears are a direct swap for the OEM 1-4 K20 6 speed gears and can be used with OEM synchros or Synchrotech Carbon Synchros. They are designed with a longer 1st  and close ratios 1-4 for a better launch and reduced RPM drop during shifts. The OEM 5th and 6th gears can be reused for highway cruising. The gears are hardened and super sub zero cryo treated for increased strength.   

Ratios: 2.313 1st, 1.650 2nd, 1.304 3rd, 1.080 4th

Fitting: K20/EP3 6 speed Manual Transmissions

Power Rating: ~500whp