MFactory Honda Acura B-Series Solid Shifter Bushings
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MFactory Honda Acura B-Series Solid Shifter Bushings

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Improve shifting feel and response with the MFactory Solid Shifter Bushings. After rigorous development on our championship-winning race cars and numerous durometer revisions, we are proud to offer shifter bushings for the Honda race car with the Optimum Hardness Rating for unsurpassed performance and durability. Whether Fast Street, Strip or Track, installing our bushings is a must! Made from Thermoplastic Vulcanizate, not cheap polyurethane Offers the hardness of plastic for that more precise shifting feel Offers the elasticity of rubber for unsurpassed durability Self-Lubricating and resistant to oil and the elements Will not crack or deform like polyurethane or rubber


Fitting: B series 1990-2001: Integra LS, GSR, JDM Integra XSI/RSI, Integra Type R, B16 Hydro, 1999-2000 Civic Si.