MFactory Honda Acura B16 5.167 Final Drive Gear Set
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MFactory Honda Acura B16 5.167 Final Drive Gear Set

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  • Item #: MF-TRS-02B52
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New Honda Acura 5.167 Final Drive Set. We are proud to add the Hi-Performance Final drive gears to our store. This kit is fully computer designed and CNC machined from high strength nickel alloy steel. We believe that by using high quality base material, precision machining and exacting quality control, we can offer a product that is stronger and specifically designed to cope with the rigors of performance and competition vehicles.

Included in this set: 5.167 Ring gear and Countershaft that are a direct replacement for the OEM Set. This kit has everything you need to upgrade your USDM B16 Hydro to the Hi Performance ratio. Changing your final drive to a performance ratio will increase RPM and provide better acceleration. Fitting: B series Hydro Transmissions with the "Small" 109MM diameter ring gear hole. 1992-1993 Integra GSR (YS1) 1992-2001 Integra LS (YS1, Y80, S80) 1994-1997 DelSol B16 (Y21, S21) 1999-2000 Civic B16 (S4C)