Speed Factory Racing Upgraded D-Series Shifter Spring Kit
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Speed Factory Racing Upgraded D-Series Shifter Spring Kit

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Are you tired of your sloppy and imprecise Honda D-series shifter feel?  So are we, and now those days are over thanks to our solution to this common problem.

The SpeedFactory Racing Upgraded D-Series Shifter spring is over 600% stronger than the OEM spring and gives your shifter a firm, positive feel and returns the shifter to the center position with authority.  This improves shift accuracy and speed while rowing through the gears and will help improve shifting on all D-Series transmissions, especially on the 2-3 shift.  This also helps eliminate the frustration of the common 2-3-2 and dreaded 1-2-1 transmission mis-shifts.  Just push the shifter forward, and it will automatically drop into the 3rd gear position.

Installation is very simple and can be done with the transmission in the car.  Simply remove the 19mm retaining bolt which is located on the top of the transmission housing just below the starter and replace the spring with the new unit.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.